Perler Beads Helpful Tips

My Ironing Tips for 3D Perler – Part I

How to iron perler beads perfectly.

Fixing the Pieces

So I can’t say enough how much I love the masking tape, because it saved so many of my perler beads and precious time. I often have mistakes on my perler pieces for the 3D creations, and inserting extra row or missing one happens all the time. Therefore, I found masking tape extremely helpful so I do not have to redo the pieces and waste any beads at all. Here are two ways how I fix the perler pieces using the masking tape.

Adding an extra row of beads to the piece:

Adding an extra row of beads

Removing a row of perler beads:

Removing a row from the piece

Here are my essentials items for doing this. I like the masking tape from Perler Brand because they have holes like the pegboard, and it is easier for me to position the beads align with the original pattern. Also, I like the ironing paper from Perler Brand as well because of the texture and the way I can resize them. Please see my affiliation links below to check out these two items :).

Perler Kid’s Crafts, 10 Yards L x 2.125″ W Bead Tape, Multi:

Perler Beads Ironing Paper Roll, 20 ft:

Mini Steam Iron:

(*Disclosure: links contain affiliates. When you make a purchase with my link, I will receive a commission. This is at no cost to you. If you do make a purchase with my link, THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting my blog and creativity for 3D Perler :)!)

If you would want to learn more, please check out my Youtube Video, this one you will see how I fix my pieces.


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