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Home of 3D Perler Bead Arts

My Skillshare Tutorial: Sailor Moon 3D Perler Figure

Sailor Moon 3D Perler Figure

Perler Beads 3d Tutorial Are you a big fan of Sailor Moon? I bet is YES for sure, because that is why you are here on this page :)! Imagine you can make your own Sailor Moon 3D Figure instead of buying one . The best advantage to build your own usiing perler beads is […]

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Sailor Moon 3D Perler Collection

I am a big fan of Sailor Moon and if you are too, you will love my Sailor Moon 3D Perler Collection! Check out my tutorials and videos below to see what you can make for yourself πŸ™‚

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Bubble Bobble

Did you play this game when you were a little kid? This is one of my favorite games at all time! I bet everyone I played with :)! I only like to play the battle mode tho. What is your favorite video game when you were little? If this is also your favorite video game,…

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Baby Yoda 3D Figure with Perler Bead

Check out this Baby Yoda 3D Figure made with Perler Bead. It was a great challenge by my friend and it turned out to be one of my favorite creations. I hope you will check out this pattern and the tutorial on my youtube video to build you own little 3D Baby Yoda Figure using…

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