3D Perler Bead 101

3d perler bead artwork

Are you a fan of 3D figures, Lego blocks, Puzzles 🧩, etc fun stuff? I think building 3D Perler Bead Art will be right for YOU! First, you will need to get the supplies in the photo below.

Here are links where you can purchase these items:

Perler Beads Bead Tweezer Tools, 2 pc:

Mini Steam Iron:

Perler Beads Mini Bead Tweezer for Kids Crafts, 1 pc:

Perler Beads Small Fun Shaped Pegboards-7 Count:

Perler Beads Ironing Paper Roll, 20 ft:

30,000 pcs Fuse Beads Kit 30 Colors 5MM for Kids, Including 10 Ironing Papers,48 Patterns, 7 Clear Pegboards, Tweezers, Perler Beads Compatible Kit:

(**These are my affiliate links and as an amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases. Thank you for your supports :))

Building 3D Perler is so much fun and I can say all you need is patience and time, and you will have the 3D figure character that you want in just a short time :). Please Check out my Youtube Video 3D Perler 101 and see how you can get started the endless fun!!!

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