3D Perler Creations

Unicorno Tokidoki 3D Perler Figure

This post is about my Unicorno Tokidoki 3D Perler Figure with My Melody. Also, a review of the Cute Bunny Phone and Ipad Holder.

I am a huge fan of Unicorno Tokidoki. I love it because it is so magical and it can be in many different forms. There has to be a style that you will like. In this project, I used so many different pinkish colors to create this Unicorno Tokidoki 3D Perler with the white base. It is absolutely beautiful and I immediately fell in love with it. I also saved a spot for one of my favorite characters, My Melody to take a magical ride with it :)! SO LOVELY. Also, check out my *NEW* Cute Pink Bunny Phone/I-pad Stand below, a MUST-HAVE item!

OATSBASF Cute Bunny Phone Stand: https://amzn.to/3wKfgVl

(*Disclosure: links contain affiliates. When you make a purchase with my link, I will receive a commission. And, this is at no cost to you. If you do make a purchase with my link, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your supports to my blogs and passion for 3D Perler :)!)

This pink bunny phone stand is SO cute, I can’t say enough how much I love this thing. I always had an issue for my phone to stand up while charging or just simply watching videos. And I am so lazy to set up my selfie stick every time; and honestly with the phone ring on the back, you can only adjust for a couple different angles. But this phone stand saved my life from all the frustrations. This phone stand can carry the ipad as well. You can place the phone/ipad both ways, horizontal or vertical, and feeling safely without the worry that it will fall. Also, it has adjustable heights and the holder is bendable with almost 90 degrees. AND on top of all the awesome features, it is absolutely looking super super CUTE on the desk, surface, and etc. I hope you get to check it out and own one yourself! They have 2 different colors, Pink and White :)! Enjoy!

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