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Storage Organization Ideas for Perler Beads

Perler Bead organization and storage Ideas

With so many different colors and sizes of perler beads, it is so important to organize them in a way that is convenient to you. I think everyone has different organization preferences However, if you ask me, I am more than happy to show you ways how I organize my perler beads.

In the beginning, I used these small plastic bags to store the opened perler beads, and place similar color perler beads in the same plastic box that I bought from my favorite store DAISO for $1.50.

This way is very helpful when I want to compare the bead colors and decide which one fits my project the best. I think I used this for about 6 months into beading and I have seen many professional beaders having multiple bead storages. I have limited spaces in my house and I prefer white color for my furnitures. So I finally found this one: IRIS USA, DPC-44, 44 Drawer Sewing and Craft Parts Cabinet, White on Amazon with a very decent price valued at $39.99. (*Disclosure: links contain affiliates. When you make a purchase with my link, I will receive a commission. This is at no cost to you. If you do make a purchase with my link, thank you very much for supporting my blog and website :)!)

This beautiful bead storage immediately became my life saver/best friend. Not only it was able to store my perler beads nicely, but it was super helpful when I need to use them. I simply take out the trays and start using it without worrying the beads getting out of the plastic bags. I even place multiple mini size perler bead bags in one tray which is a nice organization for my tiny cute mini bead as well.

Another awesome thing about this drawer is that you can place more perler bead creations on the top which is like extra display area for my 3D perler. Check it out and I believe this brand has other colors and sizes that will fit your need.

Hope you find this blog helpful and follow me to get notifications of any new blog coming up. Also, please check out my Youtube Channel Kandiperlerfairy and instagram @kandi_perler_fairy where you will find my most recent 3D Perler Creations and How-to-Build 3D Perler Tutorials.


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