3D Perler Creations Sailor Moon Series

Sailor Moon 3D Perler Figures

3d perler tutorial sailor moon

Perler Beads 3d Tutorial

Are you a big fan of Sailor Moon? I bet is YES for sure, because that is why you are here on this page :)! Imagine you can make your own Sailor Moon 3D Figure instead of buying one . The best advantage to build your own using perler beads is your power to customize it the way you want. Now my tutorial class to build this sailor moon is on my Youtube Channel! Check it out below! Also, check out my YOUTUBE live session to build the eternal Sailor moon. If you tag me your first sailor moon creation on Instagram, I will send you the pattern to build eternal Sailor moon too :).

I look forward to seeing your beautiful Sailor Moon 3D perler figure soon 🙂 Please also check out my Youtube Channel for more tutorials and my Instagram for more 3D Perler Creations!

My Sailor Moon 3D Perler Bead Figure~~ I hope you will make one soon!

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