Kandi Perler Fairy (3D Perler Bead Art Blog)

3D Perler Bead Art

First, I want to start off with telling you that, my writing skill is not very pleasant 😅 ……….. but here it is for me to display some of my 3D Perler Bead Arts, Most-wanted 3D Perler patterns, Tutorials, Perler Bead Ironing Tricks and some random kawaii stuff. So I think writing skill is not an essential after all, as long as I think you and I could understand.

Long story short, I started making 3D Perler Bead Art some time during the 2020 pandemic with making a 3D Alex with a horse from minecraft (my kiddos love the game). Since then, I have been going further than I can imagine! So here I hope you will find something you like to see, like to make, like to share and just enjoy and have fun! I am very active on my Youtube Channel [Kandiperlerfairy] where all the tutorials are presented and also very active on Instagram [@Kandi_Perler_Fairy] Because if you find me start losing track here (which can be possible because I get distracted sometimes, you can still find my 3D Perler Bead Arts from those platforms where writing is not a thing!)

So this is my intro and I hope you will stick around here, or visit me on my Youtube Channel or Instagram!

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